User Management

What is user management ? #

  •   User management provides the listing of all registered users with all the details . 
  • Generally OTT user management refers to the tasks involved in managing users of different roles and handling their access.
  •  so a user management system, in its simplest form, is a tool that enables you to create, remove and maintain your users.

Who is a User ? #

  • A user is someone who has a specific role to play in your service. A user can be a customer, employee, or a content provider.
  • A customer typically consumes your content and ads, pays for a subscription to your service, or purchases individual content. 
  • Your employees have a number of different  responsibilities depending on their roles, some  need access to your content, others  need access to analytics .
  • Your partner may only need to upload videos and ads and view reports on their performance.

User Subscription: #

  • Subscription management is the process of managing your customers’’subscriptions and making sure that their experience with your product or service is a happy one.
  • The process starts once a customer signs up to “subscribe” to your product or service, and it ends when the customer cancels their subscription.
  • User subscription module defines the listing of subscribed users

Transaction log:  #

  • It will show a listing of users that which plan has the user bought.

User Information –  #

  •  User info contains all the information related to the user which is used for register  users.and which plan user have

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