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What is Smart TV?

Nearly all of us have heard or seen the term “Smart TV” numerous times, and when we do, we typically have a clear image of what it would be like in our minds. But how should we define it?

Older TVs relied on the availability of the cable signal to operate, but their replacements combine this with a variety of online connectivity features.

Smart TVs greatly exceed the capabilities of conventional TVs by combining the features of regular TVs and computers.
Modern TVs are now capable of running real operating systems, connecting to the internet, and downloading apps thanks to improved processors and networking capabilities.

This makes it more convenient to use and gives consumers access to outside services, which is a step toward satisfying their increasing needs.

While the market penetration of Smart TVs began to grow about 2015, the concept has been around for a lot longer.
Due to their clear added value to consumers and ongoing advances, they are already a standard in almost all households today, making it nearly difficult to purchase a TV that is not Smart.

They have taken over the market in just a few short years, and when new variants are created, their popularity will only grow.

Why is the development of Smart TV apps so desirable?

Its main advantages include increasing customer reach and adding new sales or advertising channels. For instance, providing a shopping app for smart TVs might allow your customers to buy your products while simultaneously securing you a valuable spot on the smart TV home screen.
Building your own streaming app to try to avoid the commissions of the top streaming platforms makes perfect sense as a content publisher or creator (like, e.g. YouTube).
Once you’ve created and acquired a Smart TV app, you are free to use it to show adverts and sell your content without having to split the profits with any other parties.

Development of smart TVs for businesses, who is it for?

The creation of Smart TV would be a good alternative for anyone trying to increase their audience by utilising solutions that are at the top in terms of the number of users and their accessibility, as it has become a permanent aspect of our lives and is expanding in popularity at a quick rate.

Advantages of creating Smart TV applications

Global availability of smart TVs is correlated with an increasing number of users.
A fresh opportunity for boosting sales
Adding new platforms to the company's offering to diversify it and expand its market reach
Supplying users with a fresh, practical method of content access

Operating systems for developing apps for smart TVs

The industry has a lot to offer, and one of those things is the range of operating systems for which applications can be created. The main distinction is that they are designed for various devices: Android and Apple TV are self-explanatory, while Samsung uses Tizen and LG uses WebOS.

While both Tizen and WebOS are based on Linux, the former is open-sourced, which means that anybody can read, modify, and share the code freely, and the latter is the exact opposite.

Development of apps for Samsung Smart TV

In recent years, Samsung has emerged as one of the most well-known and rapidly growing TV manufacturers, having a significant impact on the market as a whole.
The company’s influence on the market encouraged the development of new gadget capabilities, which directly influenced the condition of Smart TV development today.

Our talented programmers have a wealth of expertise creating Tizen-based applications for Samsung Smart TVs.

Development of apps for LG Smart TV

We take great satisfaction in our enthusiasm for technology and the wide range of skills it has enabled us to develop.
The WebOS development team at BSG has created a wide range of apps from scratch for LG’s Smart TVs. Our strategy is based on our extensive market knowledge as well as our aptitude for fusing the most recent and well-liked trends with the dependability of tried-and-true solutions.

Methods of monetization

Smart TV apps offer a wide range of opportunities for income expansion through a variety of monetization strategies, including advertising, subscriptions, and other gated content access. At Better Software Group, we constantly give our clients advice and assist them in selecting the best options for their projects.

Design of a Smart TV app

A Smart TV app must be carefully designed to offer a pleasant user experience and complete functionality.

We maintain the highest level of attention on the finished product and its functionality as a result of our front-end focused approach because consumers cannot fully grasp the scope of the application without a well created frontend.

Integrations of measures and analytics

There are many different analytics tools and reports available for smart TVs, but many of them require an unique implementation.


We are able to successfully complete all of the verification processes since we satisfy all of Samsung’s and LG’s standards.

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