Every plan offers limitless content (uploads) and users!

Nothing except Revenue. Earn 100% of Content Revenue.

All Plans Include

  • Unlimited transcoding, content, subscribers and views
  • World’s most comprehensive Video/Audio CMS
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • No contract. Cancel anytime
  • No setup/configuration time/fee


The following premium features and add-ons are available through OTTFast for a fee.

Standard Professional and above

Alie Recommendation Engine

$99 per month + $0.001 per request


Content Partner Portal

$99 per month + $3.99 per partner


Policy Engine

$99 per month


Live Chat

$59 per month

$59 per month


$99 per month





OTTFast Kart

$99 per month + 0.5% of the transaction

$99 per month + 0.5% of the transaction

Top Pricing Questions

Several general inquiries about pricing

How do I find out how much my bandwidth will cost?

In most cases, the overall file size of a movie being played back determines how much bandwidth it will cost. An average SD movie will need roughly 500mb of bandwidth.

What exactly does the plan price include?

The website, pre-made templates that you can personalise with your own colour scheme, storage, cloud hosting, bandwidth, security, and CDN are all included in the price of our plans.

Do you offer TV or mobile apps?

Yes, all plans include support for TV and mobile apps. These will be developed and released by OTTFast under your name on the relevant app stores. For more information on extra charges for mobile and TV apps, please refer to our pricing table.

Do tech support and maintenance cost more money?

No, all plans—with the exception of OTTFast Starter—include tech support, regular maintenance, and product updates, so you won’t have to worry about a thing once you start using them.

Are there any additional taxes or hidden fees? Will my bill at the conclusion of the billing cycle be higher?

All plans include all current fees; the only time you will be charged extra fees is if your usage of the service exceeds the bandwidth allotted as per our pricing table. If local taxes are due in your country or region, you must pay them directly to the appropriate tax authorities. Before any work begins or is billed to you, you will receive a full price for any customised requirements, which will be charged individually.

Do you offer customization support? What happens if I wish to incorporate my own CDN or Payment Gateway?

You can ask for a special connection with your preferred Payment Gateway or CDN provider, and our staff will supply you with a detailed estimate and integrate it after you approve it.

What forms of payment do you accept?

OTTFast accepts all popular credit and debit cards; but, if you’d prefer to use a different payment method, get in touch with us and ask for PayPal or wire transfer information.