Connect & Involve Your Communities With Live & On-Demand Religious Streaming Platform

With OTTFAST’s religious streaming platform, you can engage with your devotees digitally in churches, temples, and mosques and distribute and market video content globally.

Broadcasting religious events across all screens

Identify audiences to reach with your sacrificial streaming

All around TV

By reaching millions of followers worldwide, religious-based content on iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire gives you a break from providing comprehensive on-demand streaming services.

Mobile broadcasting in real time

Put live religious events like church services, concerts, weddings, group prayers, and discourses on your own video streaming platform to engage congregations remotely through mobile devices.

Message Audio

Allow devoted listeners to quickly absorb the main points of your audio sermon streamings, expand your audience with devotional podcasts, and conveniently connect with preaching communities for churches, mosques, and temples.

For religious organisations worldwide, live stream spiritual content

Worldwide communities can quickly and easily access live video versions of religious messages.

Live Streaming

Rekindle faith wherever you are

  • To interact & engage with your followers more in real time, develop a comprehensive video strategy for streaming your live religious services.
  • Launching your personalised religious app will make events lively and accessible while enhancing your joyful faith involvement.
  • Instead of using live broadcast software like traditional religious TV networks, let worshipers attend virtual church services.

Live to VOD

Automatically archive your live religious events

  • Streamline mass live broadcasts into on-demand replays for your faith communities’ benefit.

  • Repurpose your recorded sessions to increase the audience’s devotion to God.

  • By transforming live worship into readily accessible VODs on any device, devotees can be enlightened with spiritual lessons.


Keep your admirers busy at all times.

  • Using dynamic streaming software, stream videos from a church or other place of worship to all screens simultaneously and without any lags.
  • Your missionary multicasts should simultaneously target a broad spectrum of devotional user-coverage.
  • Reach out to leading social platforms and use concurrent live streaming services to empower your virtual religious community.

Real-time Engagement

Engage with religious believers in real time.

  • Engage your audience by adding live polls to religious streams to get immediate reaction.
  • By responding to user questions in real time on your church’s online platform, you can shape your religious philosophy.
  • Participate in live streams that you host and a real-time chatbox with your parishioners.

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With

A Broadcast Streaming Platform

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Effective Strategies To Expand Faith Communities

Use streaming technologies to scale unique services smoothly.

On-site and Cloud-Hosted

HLS player

Video CMS

Quick transcoding

Integrating third parties

portal for content partners


Multiple-Screen Setup

Make Money From Religious Content to Increase Ad Revenue

With the help of high-quality videos for faith enforcement worldwide, support religious missions.

Streaming Live & On-Demand Content Securely for Religious Ministries

Provide the best encryption technology to protect content and ensure a smooth worship experience.

Integrated Paywall

Put up paywalls to prevent unauthorised access to special sermons, and make all audiences worldwide capable of using multiple currencies.

Screenshot Restrictions

Set boundaries for anyone attempting to screenshot your religious content, and incorporate total protection into live streaming software.


Make it entirely regional and restrict access to certain chapel services for certain IP groups.

AES encryption

AES Encryption is a gold security standard that you can add to your church platform to ethically protect assets in your virtual place of worship.

Login Security

Protect all of your holy videos with secure login procedures and limit viewer access to platform members only.

SSL Registration

When personal data is streamed, verify the security path between servers and browsers using certified SSL crypto key exchanges.

Real-time Engagement and Evaluation of Your Spiritual Content

Plan sacred sermons in an organic way with the intention of enlightening listeners in real time.

Social media engagement with the community

Increase Your global missionary followers’ social media presence

Manage your live streaming platform with ease using SEO-brewed data for your church video content and other pages, such as meta-title, meta-description, and mapping.

Increase cross-video engagements by stepping up new congregational offerings through AI-powered recommendations available in the streaming software.

Promote the visionary ideas of a pioneer leader to quickly direct religious activism on public platforms and get direct feedback from your followers.

Boost video conversations with extensive data-driven capabilities, and expand your reach to increase conversions everywhere.

Achieve timely attention spans from your users through effective video email prompts automated directly by your live dashboard.

Analytical Solution to Assess the Value of Religious Content

Now monitor online the results of your spiritual center’s projects.

Collect accurate data, analyse it proactively, and nudge your revenue chain to support spiritual development.

Through tools like Google Analytics and Microsoft Analytics, analysing third-party content may be done more quickly, assisting with decisions to boost streams of religious items.

Obtain customised metrics to include church insights into your streaming software and predict the rising popularity of new religious figures.

Obtain a large amount of disciple data by tracking their device information to focus on their preferred niche.

You can investigate your follower network data in real time, including CDN and geolocation, and expand your promotional efforts.

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