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PowerStream and Captivate feature powerful live video broadcast software for all audiences

Enable an increasingly connected experience with a video delivery platform that enables all types of audiences to access broadcast-quality on-demand or live content with unmatched streaming scalability.

A Modern Video Broadcasting System

Learn how OTTFAST can support your live video transmission.

Live streaming and video on demand

Streaming Video On Demand Solutions that can be created to operate on a live/on-demand basis, or both separately and simultaneously, are used to broadcast video.

Mobile Live Broadcasting

Forget about using staff and large equipment to stream live.
broadcast flawlessly high-quality live content to mobile devices.

All around TV

High pixel rates, refined user access, customised lineups, and intelligent search options can be used to create a surreal viewing experience that is accessible to viewers anywhere and on any platform.

Advertising & Monetization for Videos

Website owners can generate a high return on investment (ROI) from their websites thanks to OTTFAST’s best-in-class advertising tactics and platform tools for monetizing videos.

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With

A Broadcast Streaming Platform

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Flexibility At Its Best​

Push through restrictions.To prepare for the future, customise, provide, and stream.

100% Modifiable

Customize every feature for a targeted audience with an unbeatable UI/UX experience to publish, distribute, and engage your content.

Delivering and Distributing High Definition Video

Distribute compelling material in high quality while you’re on the go without any effort.

Player with lightning speed

Use the HLS video player that our experts specifically created for you, or any other player of your choosing, to improve your broadcasting experience.

Features of Remarkable Broadcasting for Efficient Implementation

Building video broadcasting software with this goal in mind will enhance content delivery across platforms

CDN Globally

Channel Administration

On-site and Cloud-Hosted

Utilizing social media

Content Security

Layered Monetization Strategies

Built-in Paywall

Analytics for videos

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