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What is HbbTV?

The TV business had to modify its scope of activity to keep up with the demands of its aficionados in light of today’s rapidly evolving technologies. One of them is the HbbTV technology, also known as Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, which enables high-quality overlay content to be added over the video content on a TV via an app.

A global initiative to combine TV broadcasts with web-based elements that direct people to the intended content is also described. HbbTV first appeared in 2010, following which it swiftly gained popularity, was adopted by many nations, and throughout the years underwent a number of advancements that widened its possibilities.

Our practical experience

We have in-depth experience in a variety of subjects, one of which is HbbTv development and its complexities.
We have taken on many HbbTV projects and given our partners applications that are totally responsive and have a contemporary appearance.

How does HbbTV operate in terms of the user?

HbbTV must be supported by the TV or OTT device, and the broadcaster must offer the HbbTV application for it to function effectively. From there, everything is rather simple; the user receives a pop-up at an opportune time for the broadcaster, which he can select to access the extra content.

As long as the broadcast is still visible on the screen, the entire sequence typically doesn’t interfere with the viewing experience.

Why HbbTV?

HbbTV functions as an additional layer of content and gives the one that is generally watched without it an additional dimension. Additionally, it can be found in a wide variety of nations around the world, including Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, or United Kingdom.
HbbTV is still expanding, and as new nations develop and adopt the technology, HbbTV usage increases.

Business HbbTV app development

As it complements the technologies that broadcasters and live video content providers choose, HbbTV is the solution for many of their demands. HbbTV is also a terrific option for advertisers and anybody else looking to enhance traditional broadcast with extra features to increase user engagement. 

Benefits of developing a HbbTV app

Providing a wide range of interactive features, including games, an EPG, educational content, and government information.
The capacity to combine the advantages of broadband and broadcast networks.
Increasing viewership.
Giving the content distributed through conventional channels more value.
Targeting various target audiences with brand awareness and market presence.
Content suppliers now have more options to get beyond proprietary middleware restrictions thanks to the expanding number of supporting devices.
Meld the social features of viewing television with the online participation.
Expanding new revenue streams through monetization techniques.
Informed choices supported by analytics and real-time viewership.
Access to more comprehensive user analytics

Methods of monetization

Users can move to any internet location or content thanks to the interactive features, which is a useful tool for the advertisement industry. Since the data is available at a convenient time, it can relate to the broadcast being viewed on screen.
The advertisements may be particularly targeted, for instance, based on geography.

Design and development of the HbbTV app

The process of designing and creating HbbTV applications necessitates a thorough understanding of this technology because it forces the use of fundamental mechanisms, which means that the HTML, JS, and CSS must be straightforward and coherent, as well as the designs, in order for the content to be properly displayed on older devices.
Our experts use cutting-edge technology to create projects, and they can simply translate those projects into the fundamental technology stack required for HbbTV solutions.

Metrics and Analytics

Utilizing HbbTV applications enables the owner to produce in-depth reports about the users and how they utilise the app, which has shown to be quite helpful for future improvements and the development of commercial strategies.

Test suite for HbbTV

Although technology gives a tool for testing applications, it does not give the user the assurance and certainty of the solutions’ future performance or the covering of all necessary specifications. The owner must rely on the developers’ knowledge in order to test and publish thorough apps for the HbbTV technology.

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