Engage your corporate workforce with a business streaming platform for live and on-demand video

Through OTTFAST’s enterprise streaming solution, you can encourage interactive communication among your staff and monetise corporate live and on-demand films across all devices to increase brand affinity.

Empower Team Talks Using Corporate Video Streaming

Connect your webcasts at any scalable length with HQ streaming enrichment

Team Meetings

Address your corporate plans with routine video hand picks & enhance your project strategies.

Town Hall Meetings

Collaborate right from virtual meetings to corporate studio streams & have successful business events

Employee Trainings

Organize corporate seminars, remote orientations, & explore potential growth via realtime conferencing.

Investor Relations

Foster complete transparency by exchanging collaborations with scalable corporate video streaming solutions

Employee Onboarding

New recruitment experience can be easily tailor made via live streams or VODs of pre-trainings or induction programmes.

Global Communication

Communication can be kept with perfect sync & pace by sharing recorded videos, presentations, with your all meeting participants

Highlight Features To Heighten Your Enterprise Video Platform

Stream videos on steady grounds with extensive delivery, transcoding & security backing

100% Customization

On Cloud/ On-Premise

Live to VOD

Cloud Transcoding

HQ video Delivery & Distribution

HLS Player

Video Monetization


Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With

A Broadcast Streaming Platform

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Increase Employee Engagement with Enterprise Live Streaming

Utilize HD live video streaming to ensure flawless events

Enterprise Live Stream

Use live connectivity to its full potential.

Utilize the power of mobile casting to stay in touch with your clientele while on the go. When migrating, facilitate live corporate webinars as well.

Join a scheduled live meeting with your team and share insightful content to unleash enterprise efficiency in real time.

Provide limitless HD streaming options on any device or platform while ensuring the highest standards of broadcast compatibility.

Gain "X+ viewers" and increase engagement to a level comparable to OTTFAST's simulcasting.
Activate ad-hoc viewing on Facebook, Twitch, etc.

Now make it simple for your users to switch between videos while live broadcasting.

Instantaneous cooperation

Select the ideal method for exchanging thoughts.

Sky rocket your engagement rate and product awareness value with live Q&A sessions.

As a corporate representative, you can take active polls during your live sessions and obtain participant feedback.

Even after communicating in real time and revealing each teammate's unique contribution, discuss relevant ideas with your teammates.

Your migrant workers can easily use live streams to immediately record in-hand materials when you use ultra-rapid webcasting.

One dashboard for managing, securing, and measuring enterprise video content

Using a secure streaming platform, create and expand your business content of broadcast quality.

Corporate Video CMS

Take control of business video archives

By giving consumers seamless content management versatility, you may structure your live video or corporate training catalogues.
Create a user-friendly interface so that clients or coworkers can quickly learn from your priceless video archives.

  • Offer automatic uploads for internal VOD maintenance
  • Using the Drag & Drop feature, make it easier for users to find content
  • Permit scheduled company meetings on a resourceful video platform.
  • Make online documents available so that readers can print and study them offline.
  • Stream corporate video versions across all platforms and devices.

Strong Security

Provide a secure streaming environment

Make your business activities completely safe and secret with the best encryption support.
Several content protection layers that have unmatched certified digital streaming rights standardised are used to guard and encrypt the content.

  • Use strict DRM protocols as a backup for your enterprise platform.
  • Strong AES lock for powerful on demand or live company videos.
  • Only permit admin users or platform subscribers access control
  • Get SSO software to quickly verify client accreditations.
  • With SSL endorsements, ensure secure cryptographic key exchange.

Analysis of video

Metrics for Evaluating Streaming Performance

Find out about videos, users, playlists, servers, and more in real time. Build your business empire while using OTTFAST’s streaming technology to track, measure, and scale the business content that is presented during video presentations, live meetings, training sessions, etc.

  • Obtain current business performance information.
  • Assemble precise data to evaluate the demographics of the workforce
  • Now, use some important customer data to assess their engagement.
  • Add analytical information to your website, such as the buffering ratio and others.
  • With source traffic support, extract statistics from each of your training videos.

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