Table of Contents

All Genre: #

  • All genres show a listing of genres which you have created by clicking on the create genre button .
  • Different genres are on OTT platforms which you can create for media ,i.e. video , movies etc.
  • Comedy: This genre has got shows and movies that are fun-based and laughter. Laughter is the best medicine. If you want to have fun and laugh then you may choose this genre.
  • Fiction: If you love watching fiction stories especially science fiction then this is best suited for you.
  • Fantasy: This genre is usually for kids. It has got in it all the cartoon shows, fantasy movies, and animated videos.
  • Horror: If you want to watch and see some virtual ghosts and listen to their stories then go with this genre.
  • Action: If you are a fight lover and enjoy watching hardcore fight sequences then you may go with this genre.
  • Crime and Thriller: If you enjoy watching suspicious shows which have a lot of suspense in them then go for this one. Some of these shows are also based on real-life events so it gives you a realistic view.

Create genre: #

  1. Click on create genre
  2. Fill all the input fields and upload genre thumbnail 
  3. Click on create button 

Note – You can edit genre by simply clicking on edit button and delete selected genre by click on delete button.

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