The Benefits of OTT Apps: Why VOD Businesses Love Them

It’s clear that OTT apps are the way of the future. According to Insider Intelligence, 71.4% of the U.S. population will use OTT video services by the end of 2022. Disney+, which was launched less than three years ago, already has more than half the subscriber volume of dominating Netflix.

If you think OTT applications are reserved for the big-name players, think again. Having your own OTT app is within reach! Whether you’re a travel destination, a music festival, or a fitness trainer, building your own OTT app is totally possible–and it has quite a few benefits for your growth.

What is OTT and VOD?

The acronym OTT stands for Over-the-Top. It describes the new way of consuming film and television media through the internet whenever we want, across many different devices, without the need for traditional broadcast, cable, or satellite pay-TV providers. It means paying for internet service to stream video rather than cable or satellite TV.

Historically, consumers were at the liberty of cable TV schedules and broadcast network programming, but now, thanks to OTT media, we can access our favorite movies, shows and content completely on demand.

The acronym VOD stands for Video on Demand. It’s a technology that allows creators and users to bypass those traditional methods of distributing and watching video content by allowing users to stream individually at their convenience.

What is an OTT app, anyways?

An OTT app is an application that delivers video content  to your mobile device, tablet, streaming device, or smart TV through the internet and an app installed directly on your favorite device, rather than a traditional cable or satellite set top boxes. 

Consuming media-on-demand is the hallmark of OTT apps, meaning viewers can stream videos wherever and whenever they want. 

  • Going for a run through the park? End it with a cooldown stretch on your favorite yoga instructor’s OTT app from your phone. 
  • On a flight to Italy? Download a language instructor’s OTT app to take on-demand Italian lessons on your iPad.
  • Can’t make it to the gym? Workout in front of your smart TV with access to the OTT app from a popular fitness instructor.

OTT applications can be downloaded from a device’s app store, such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play app store, and accessed on-demand at any time.

What are the benefits of an OTT app?

There are plenty of benefits to building an OTT app. Namely, you make it easier for users to find your content and gain more control over user experience and business.

Improve your accessibility for users.

With OTT applications, users don’t have to search through feeds or multiple pages to find your content. With one tap or click of a button, your content is readily available on various devices. It just makes sense: when it’s easier to access your content, it’s easier to consume more of it.

Control your branding, marketing, and user experience.

Rather than relying on an external streaming platform to provide a positive user experience for your viewers, building your OTT app allows you to control the show. You can call the shots regarding what your channel hub looks like, the messages you share with your audience, and the entire user experience, from user playlists to live chat ….. or user viewing options to live engagement. Plus, you’ll be able to analyze your audience’s viewership data and demographics to serve their interests better.

Monetize your channel.

Some streaming platforms have so many policies to adhere to and ever-changing algorithms to navigate that it’s difficult for creators to profit from their content. Personalized OTT applications allow you to control your monetization capabilities with methods like TVOD or SVOD revenue models. Plus, you’ll get to pocket most–if not all–of your profits instead of sharing a large percentage with the hosting platform.

Offer exclusive content.

OTT applications open the possibility to offer exclusive content for subscribers or true fans to increase your revenue. You can offer an SVOD service through OTT apps, meaning users must pay a subscription fee to access your app’s exclusive content. Or, you can offer a mix of free content and exclusive TVOD content. It’s all up to you!

How do I get my own OTT app?

We’re glad you asked! You can build your own fully-branded OTT app with OTTFast, and we make the process easy. We develop your white-labeled app, launch it, and maintain it. All you have to do is upload your videos to OTTFast’s video hosting platform and manage your channel. Our Video Distribution Automation (VDA) platform allows for a customized experience regarding the aggregation, packaging, and distribution of content.

We do the heavy lifting to get your content onto your personalized OTT apps, meaning you don’t need to learn complicated code or hire an expensive developer.

Hiring a developer to create a custom OTT app allows you to personalize each part of your app completely, but it could take months (or even years) to complete and cost you tens of thousands of dollars. For brands and businesses who want to take the straightforward approach to their OTT applications, using a VDA platform like OTTFast is the way to go.

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