Health Care

Upgrade Your Patient
And Healthcare Staff

Smartroom Healthcare is a multi-screen TV system
that engages patients and improves workflows for

Smartroom Health.

With all screens in your healthcare facility connected to one single system, it’s easy to provide
entertainment, information and communication services where they deliver the most value, for
both patients and staff.

Entertain, Educate & Engage Patients

With interactive patient TV, mobile devices and other patient-facing bedside solutions you can provide
services and content that entertain, educate and engage.

Patient entertainment

Make the patients feel relaxed and comfortable with positive distractions. They can enjoy entertainment like
at home with multi-screen access to: TV channels,casting, streaming apps, video on demand, radio,
games and social media.

Patient education

When patients are engaged in their care, hospitals improve health outcomes and patient recovery, which leads to reduced rehospitalization and lower costs. Increase patient engagement with treatment videos,condition info, messaging, reminders, and more.

Patient communication

Digital solutions offer new possibilities for communication. Virtual appointments with doctors, video calls with loved ones and service requests directly from the TV or mobile are examples that all improve doctor-patient communication and the patient experience.

Inform And Guide With Digital
Signage In Public Areas

With Smartroom Smart Signage you can place various displays like digital signage screens, digital
door displays, interactive self-service kiosks and touch screen portals in public areas. This provides
better information, guidance and additional services to patients and visitors.

Hospital wayfinding

When the patients enter the building, our 24/7 signage screens guide them to the right location. Our wayfinding solution can show floor plans, room numbers and queues. It even integrates with self- service kiosks for patient check-in.

Digital door displays

Digital door displays can work as an extension of your wayfinding solution, but also as occupancy displays, touch- screens, resource allocation displays or general
information screens. Their dynamic nature makes them easy to manage and fitting for multiple use-cases.

Hospital signage

Digital signage screens in public areas can provide entertainment, information and advertisements for patients and visitors. Show hospital info, news, live TV, cafeteria menus, nearby services, parking etc. and customize the content for each unit, ward or hospital.

Make your clinical workflows faster

With the right digital tools your healthcare professionals can focus on what they do best: providing quality
patient care. Our clinical workflow solutions free up resources from otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Patient Requests

Patients can make service requests directly via their in-room TV or from mobile devices. Nurse call, for example, can go directly to a staff mobile device, alerting the closest personnel or nurse on call.

Room & Staff Allocation

Away with the engraved door signs! Your hectic work environment requires dynamic allocation of rooms and staff. Our digital door displays can show meeting room schedules, staff names and titles and even the room purposes can be updated in real time from your calendar
and staff allocation applications.

Queue Management

Reduce wait times and free up resources by transforming
your entire queuing process to a digital self-service screen system. By combining check-in kiosks from our partners with digital signage and hospital wayfinding, your staff can focus on patient care.

Room Equipment
Room Equipment
Room Equipment
Room Equipment

Provide A Better
Patient Experience
with Less Effort.

Your multi-screen system, customized for you and tailored to your patients’ needs.

Scale to any size.

Smartroom for Healthcare supports single hospitals,
hospital groups and multi-brand models. You can choose
to include multiple sites in different geographical areas
or focus on a single healthcare facility.

Partner Integrations Give You
Endless Possibilities.

Queuing & self-service systems | Nurse call & service orders | Resource management & allocation | Calendars,
feedback & reports | Security, access clearance & alarm systems.

Improve Your Patient
Experience Today.

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